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Many dingy sailboats that have spinnakers, which is the larger, usually colorful sail that is used to sail downwind, carry a spinnaker pole.  In my tenure as the chairman of the Edgewater Yacht Club Junior Race Team, I have spent many days on the water in support boats for the team.  I watched the sailors use their spinnaker pole as a paddle when their sails are down, or when there is no wind.  A pole moving through the water does not work very well as a paddle.


The SpinPaddle is a lightweight paddle head that fits conveniently in the spinnaker pouch, and can be attached easily to the end of the spinnaker pole.  It features a 1/8″ (3mm) shock cord safely line, with a SeaDog clip that attaches to the bail loop on the pole, in case of accidental release.  The paddle head is designed to fit a variety of spinnaker pole tapers.  It fits poles with a 25mm (nominal 1″) pole end.


Some of the boats that carry a spinnaker pole are C420’s, and FJ’s.  Many other sailboats utilize a spinnaker pole with the 1″ end.  Some sailboats are fleet mandated that they have to carry a paddle, such as the Thistle, and Lightening class boats.  When these boats have to use that mandated paddle, one of the other crew members usually tries to help by using their spinnaker pole as a paddle.  With the SpinPaddle on board there would be a second paddle deployed much more effectively.


SpinPaddle is trade marked, and patent pending.  It is proudly manufactured in the USA.

– Steven Griggs